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Bringing 5G in to Focus - Services

Bringing 5G in to Focus - Services

Oct 13,2015

October 13, 2015

A new white paper from 4G Americas evolves the trade association's thinking on 5G Requirements and Solutions.

The paper considers the pressure to deliver initial features before 2020 and looks at the bigger picture, that allows more "time for technology breakthroughs that
deserve the moniker 5G".

Although bringing a North American perspective, the key use cases and key challenges and requirements covered are Universal.

The requirements from 4G Americas and others are already fuelling the 3GPP look at '5G market drivers' in the SMARTER Study Item. The results are captured in 3GPP TR 22.891 which serves as the primary entry point for anything on 5G - Grouping similar or related use cases and requirements prior to starting work on further detailed studies from November 2015, set for completion in March 2016.

This work is being done during the initial phase of 3GPP Release 14, which is set to be an important Release at the beginning of 5G related work.

Further reading:

  • 4G Americas - New white paper 5G Technology Evolution Recommendations expands upon the previously published recommendations in the October 2014 white paper titled, 4G Americas’ Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions.
  • 3GPP TR 22.891 - Study on New Services and Markets Technology Enablers - identifies the market segments and verticals whose needs 3GPP should focus on meeting in the future, developing several use cases covering various scenarios and identifying the high-level requirements which can be derived from them. The study identifies and groups together use cases with common characteristics to propose use cases for further development in the next stage of the work.
  • For 3GPP Radio evolution in 5G - See the output from the recent RAN 5G Workshop (Phoenix, September 19)

Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP