The 5G Standard

Private Mobile Networks

Dec 19,2022

3GPP market partner - The GSA has issued the Private-Mobile-Networks Summary Report, which observes that "demand for private mobile networks based on 4G LTE (and increasingly 5G) technologies is being driven by the spiralling data, security, digitisation and enterprise mobility requirements of modern business and government entities.

Organisations of all types are combining connected systems with big data and analytics to transform operations, increase automation and efficiency or deliver new services. Wireless networking with LTE or 5G enables these transformations to take place even in the most dynamic, remote or highly secure environments, while offering the scale benefits of a technology that has already been deployed worldwide."

Some key takeaways from the GSA report:

  • In the third quarter of 2022, the number of customers deploying private mobile networks reached 955. This is a net addition of 66 customer references, up from 889 in the second quarter
  • There are 72 countries around the world that now have private mobile networks — an addition of two since the second quarter. Jamaica and Central African Republic reported their first private networks
  • The three fastest-growing industry sectors were mining, with 15 customer references, followed by defence and peacekeeping with 13, and manufacturing with nine.
  • Manufacturing, education and mining remain the three largest sectors for customer references, although this does not represent the actual size and scale of deployments, which vary by user type
  • There is typically a strong, positive correlation between the number of private mobile network references and countries with dedicated spectrum. Private mobile networks are mainly in the developed world so far, with USA, Germany, China, UK and Japan having the most references.