The 5G Standard

5G FAPI common interface specifications

Dec 19,2022

3GPP market partner the Small Cell Forum (SCF) has published five updates to its set of 5G FAPI common interface specifications.

5G FAPI provides a common standard for chipset manufacturers, component suppliers and mobile base station integrators. It is an API for hardware components implementing 3GPP physical layer functions and “software stacks” implementing higher layers.

The SCP Press release issued December 20, 2022 states that 'FAPI has already been widely adopted in the vast majority of 2G, 3G and 4G system-on-a-chip based small cells and the 5G version is regularly updated to ensure it meets industry needs and aligns with 3GPP standards.

The latest updates demonstrate the ongoing commitment of the ecosystem to continually improve the standard, adding new features and maintaining existing ones.'

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