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5G Standards Development

Sep 16,2020

September 25, 2020 (updated)

3GPP Organizational Partner - ATIS - have delivered a valuable webinar, now available online here: "5G Standards Developments in 3GPP Release 16 and Beyond". 

An expert panel brings you up-to-speed on the current state of 5G standardization. The webinar delivers a broad overview of 3GPP's work and introduces some of the key technology elements. It is suitable for people in technical roles and technical executives who want to understand the current state of 5G standardization.

ATIS webinar05Full details of the event are on the ATIS website. The following is an extract from their recent news release about the event:

In Release 16, 3GPP delivered important updates to 5G specifications to broaden their range of commercial applications and improve the efficiency of networks. 3GPP is now further enhancing 5G in Release 17 and starting to plan Release 18. This webinar provides an up-to-date view of the completed 3GPP Release 16 work with a particular focus on how the work is expanding capabilities of 5G and enhancing the technical performance of the mobile system. It also looks ahead to future 3GPP deliverables and their use cases.

The webinar will cover:

  • The status of 3GPP's work and the organization's roadmap for the future
  • The main themes the delivered Release 16 features in 3GPP specifications
  • How enhancements to 5G are helping the 5G market proposition (e.g., through new service opportunities, or enhanced efficiency of 5G networks)
  • The long-term outlook in mobile standards

Registration is required to attend.

Have a schedule conflict? Sign up anyway. After the webinar, you will receive access to the on-demand presentation and as well as presenters' slides.


Greg Schumacher
Global Standards
T-Mobile USA

Puneet Jain
Principal Engineer & Director
of Technical Standards
3GPP SA WG2 Chairman

Wanshi Chen
Senior Director Technology
3GPP TSG RAN1 Chairman


Iain Sharp
Principal Techologist