The 5G Standard

RAN elections bring second term

Mar 20, 2023

In addition to the scheduled specification work, this week’s plenaries in Rotterdam will feature three sets of elections to the leadership of the 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (TSGs), to serve until 2025.

On Monday, the election of the Chair and three Vice-chairs of TSG RAN (Radio Access Networks) was completed, with the current top table re-elected for a second tenure, by acclamation. An un-opposed second term is often enjoyed by the groups’ technical leadership, reflecting a successful first two years.

About the election

Wanshi CHEN (Qualcomm Incorporated - ATIS) was re-elected Chair (2nd term), Ronald BORSATO (AT&T - ATIS), Nan HU (CMCC - CCSA) and Axel KLATT (Deutsche Telekom AG - ETSI) were re-elected Vice Chair (2nd term) of RAN by acclamation on 20.03.2023.

Details of the candidates and the result are available on the Elections and Technical votes page. Look for 'RAN#99 Elections'.

Following the elections at the TSG#99 Plenary meetings this week, all TSG Chair and Vice Chairs will now have their appointment approved by the next 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG) meeting on April 24.