The 5G Standard

CT Election Results

Mar 21, 2023

Peter Schmitt has won the election to succeed Lionel Morand as the Technical Specification Group Core Network and Terminals (TSG CT) Chair, for the next term. The poll took place in Rotterdam, where all three TSGs are meeting this week, for the 99th Plenaries.

At the end of CT#99 Peter Schmitt acknowledged the achievement of Lionel Morand’s  Chairship of the group through the Covid Period, ensuring impartiality and great progress during a difficult time.

Lionel Morand spoke of his pride in doing the job of CT Chair, as he had been very proud to serve as CT4 Chair in the period before. He thanked the group for the chance to lead at such an exciting time, he also congratulated the group for conducting a very good campaign, featuring a final round between ‘two great candidates’.

About the election

Peter SCHMITT (HuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd - CCSA) was elected new Chair, Atle Monrad (InterDigital Communications Corporation - ATIS), ChenHo Chin  (Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd. - ETSI) were re-elected Vice Chair (2nd term), and Biao Long (China Telecom Corporation Ltd. - CCSA) was elected new Vice Chair of CT.

Details of the candidates and the result are available on the Elections and Technical votes page. Look for 'CT#99 Elections'.

Following the elections at the TSG#99 Plenary meetings this week, all TSG Chair and Vice Chairs will now have their appointment approved by the next 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG) meeting on April 24.