The 5G Standard

First 5G NR Specs Approved

Dec 21, 2017

NSA freezeDecember 22, 2017

In his RAN report to the TSG SA Plenary – at the end of a week of meetings in Lisbon, Portugal – Balazs Bertenyi presented details of the group’s approval of the Non-standalone 5G NR specifications and also outlined how RAN will now turn towards the completion of Release 15, by June 2018.

Balazs Bertenyi also spoke about the need to progress on some key study items for 5G Phase 2 work – to be specified in Release 16 - in the coming months, but he emphasised that the group will be maximising meeting time to complete Release 15 NR. The report stated: “Until March 2018, RAN Working Groups shall prioritize Option-3 stabilization and the Option-2 specification work…Migration to Option-4 and Option-7 starts as soon as Option-2 and Option-3 are stabilized.”

architecture options


3GPP’s proposal for the IMT-2020 call from the ITU-R is on schedule. TSG RAN is currently planning a workshop, for October 2018, which will provide an insight on our 5G technology and provide detailed self-evaluation results (including simulation assumptions and calibration) of the 3GPP 5G proposal.

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