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Jul 19, 2018

July 19, 2018

Based on the Journal’s Forword, by Erik Guttman, Frank Mademann, Anand R. Prasad:

3GPP experts have generously contributed to a special “3GPP 5G Specifications” edition of the Journal of ICT Standardization, by River Publishers.

The diverse range of the 5G work within 3GPP groups is reflected in the Journal. Two articles “5G NR radio interface” and “NG Radio Access Network (NG-RAN)” take the reader through the work on NR, the coexistence of NR and LTE and how the specifications contribute to the IMT-2020 goals for a futuristic 5G network.

Another area of significant development is the 5G Core Network (5GC) and overall system. “The 5G System Architecture” article here offers an introduction and explains some of its key characteristics.

In “Path to 5G: A Control Plane Perspective” some of the most significant system developments from earlier generations to 5G are considered in more detail.

RESTful APIs for the 5G Service Based Architecture” explores how the 5GC internal communication has been specified using a RESTful design, and explains how the protocols and interfaces developed provide opportunities for future integration with other systems.

cover ict standardization2Finally, three articles concern 5G standards development that involves most aspects of the system – including radio, network, and end-to-end service delivery aspects:

  • 5G Multimedia Standardization” covers evolution of streaming services and media delivery architecture for 5G – including Virtual Reality 360◦ video streaming, real-time speech and audio communications VR evolution and user generated multimedia content.
  • 3GPP 5G Security” presents security aspects as they differ from the 4G (LTE) system – including several major security enhancements achieved, applied to every aspect of the NG-RAN, 5G-AN and 5GC, as well as end to end communication made possible by the 5G system.
  • Management, Orchestration and Charging in the New Era” surveys the range of standards under development for management and orchestration of the access network and core network, with particular attention on management of network slicing.

Though the articles in this volume cover much of the standards included in Release 15 and to be included and enhanced in Release 16, this does not provide a complete overview of all work. The reader will learn essential aspects and advances to the 3GPP standard and be in an excellent position to follow work as it proceeds in the years to come.

The Journal of ICT Standardization:
Special issue on "3GPP 5G Specifications"

Editor-in-Chief: Anand R. Prasad, NEC, Japan

ISSN: 2245-800X (Print Version),
ISSN: 2246-0853 (Online Version) 

Full list of articles in this issue:

Editorial Foreword
Erik Guttman, Frank Mademann and Anand R. Prasad

Outlining the Roadmap to 5G
Joe Barrett

5G Requirements and Key Performance Indicators
Toon Norp

5G NR Radio Interface
Balazs Bertenyi, Satoshi Nagata, Havish Kooropaty, Xutao Zhou,Wanshi Chen, Younsun Kim, Xizeng Dai and Xiaodong Xu

NG Radio Access Network (NG-RAN)
Balazs Bertenyi, Richard Burbidge, Gino Masini, Sasha Sirotkin and Yin Gao

The 5G System Architecture
Frank Mademann

Path to 5G: A Control Plane Perspective
Erik Guttman and Irfan Ali

RESTful APIs for the 5G Service Based Architecture
Georg Mayer

5G Multimedia Standardization
Frédéric Gabin, Gilles Teniou, Nikolai Leung and Imre Varga

3GPP 5G Security
Anand R. Prasad1, Sivabalan Arumugam, Sheeba B and Alf Zugenmaier

Management, Orchestration and Charging in the New Era
Thomas Tovinger, Jean-Michel Cornily, Maryse Gardella, Chen Shan, Chen Ai, Anatoly Andrianov, Joey Chou, Jan Groenendijk, Zhang Kai, Zou Lan, Xiaowen Sun, Weixing Wang, Zhu Weihong and Yizhi Yao

Note to reader: A small part of the material contributed to the Journal has been adapted from existing 3GPP web site content, by the respective authors & with their permission. 
Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP