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GERAN Elects a new Chairman

Jun 04, 2014

June 4, 2014

Olof Liberg has been elected as Chairman of the 3GPP GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network (GERAN) Technical Specification Group, during their 62nd Plenary meeting in Valencia last week.

The work of TSG GERAN ensures continuous evolution of GSM/EDGE radio access technologies to support Operators of GSM/GPRS systems aiming for further growth as well as interoperability with other radio access technologies such as UMTS and LTE.

Olof brings a wealth of experience to the position as he currently serves as the Chairman of GERAN Working Group 1, which oversees GERAN Radio performance, RF system aspects and conformance test specifications for GERAN Base Stations.

Olof-Liberg-175pxThe outgoing Chairman of GERAN, Andrew Howell – who was elected and served four times as the GERAN Chairman between 2005/2007 and for a prolonged period between May 2009 and May 2014 – congratulated Olof Liberg on his election and for his leadership in GERAN1, noting his “Dedicated support of 3GPP and commitment to GERAN progress on many key features over the past four years”.

Olof Liberg graduated from Uppsala University with a Master of Science in Engineering Physics, joining Ericsson in 2008, concentrating on GSM/EDGE Radio, actively contributing to a selection of vital GERAN work items – including:

  • MUROS - Multi-User Reusing-One-Slot
  • VAMOS - Voice services over Adaptive Multi-user channels on One Slot
  • SPEED - Signal Precoding enhancements for EGPRS
  • MCBTS/MSR - Multicarrier BTS class / Multi-Standard Radio
  • MRLA - Medium range/local area requirements for multicarrier BTS
  • DMCG - Downlink Multi Carrier GERAN

Acknowledging Andrew Howell’s exemplary leadership of GERAN, Olof Liberg said that “Andrew’s diplomacy and goodwill have created a fine record of achievement, over a long period of time”.

The next meeting of TSG GERAN takes place in Ljubljana, from August 25 to 29.

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Next meetings:

  • GERAN#63 Ljubljana, August 28/29
  • GERAN#64 San Francisco, November 17/21
  • GERAN#65 China (TBA), March 9/13