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Running Friends of 3GPP

Jun 03, 2014


  On June 11 and 17 delegates to the 3GPP Plenary#64 meetings participated in charity runs through beautiful parkland around the ETSI site in Sophia Antipolis.

Participant's donated funds to the “A chacun son Everest” charity (, a French Association, helping children with life threatening illnesses to reach their own personal summit.

Exactly €6000 euros was raised and handed to the Charity, during a small ceremony on the evening of June 17.

Brigitte Isnart of “A chacun son Everest” thanked 3GPP delegates and ETSI supporters for a wonderful gift, talking about the symbolism of 'Everest', she told the runners and helpers;

"The parallel between the summit and the healing seems obvious, the summit is a symbol, a means, to gain back self-confidence...The doctors unanimously agree that after the advances of medical treatments of the 1980s the next most important thing is to give these children and teenagers a pathway back towards life, by actions, words and support. Thank you all for having participated in our noble cause. Thank you for your energy and your generosity."

Since 1994 this charity has helped 3532 children, provided 263 residential courses, and subsidised 23 hospitals in their support of children with cancer and leukaemia.


Week 1 Runners (June 11)

3gpp run story01 

Week 2 Runners (June 17)

3gpp run story02