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LTE meets the need in 3GPP

Sep 15, 2014

Edinburgh, September 16, 2014

3GPP has used a 4G (LTE) cellular connection during the 65th Plenary meetings in Edinburgh, from the 9th – 17th September, using the project’s own technology as the primary source of connectivity for the first time in a major meeting.

It would be hard to find a more critical group of people than the designers of the LTE radio system, but the O2 provided services were “first class” according to John Meredith, the Director of the 3GPP Mobile Competence Centre. He concluded that “The experience was entirely successful, furnishing a low-latency internet service at 20 Mbit/s in each direction – more than adequate to satisfy the needs of over 230 delegates at one time, with data consumption at around 8 Gbit per hour during the working day.”

The connection was assured by UK mobile network operator O2 (part of the Telefonica group).