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Lifetime Achievement, second award presented

Mar 19, 2018

March 8, 2018

On Monday of last week, the 3GPP RAN2 Chairman - Richard Burbidge - presented Don Zelmer with the 3GPP Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of the project.

Don Zelmer has participated in 3GPP since our creation, attending over 600 TSG and WG meetings and taking on the Rapporteur role for several study and work items, including work on Public Warning Systems (PWS), future FDD HSPA Evolution and for the introduction of the UMTS850 (Band V) in to 3GPP specifications.

He has served as Vice Chair of 3GPP TSG RAN (1999-2009) and now attends TSG RAN & RAN WG#2 as a lead AT&T Delegate. Don regularly attends the 3GPP Project Coordination Group (PCG) and Organizational Partner’s meetings, as a member of the ATIS delegation.

In addition to his leadership in 3GPP, Don has regularly served as Chair of the ATIS Wireless Technologies and Systems Committee (WTSC), which is one of the primary North American drivers into 3GPP.

Contact for this article: Kevin FLYNN, Marketing and Communications Officer, 3GPP
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