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Feedback from TSG CT#87-e

Apr 21, 2020

April 21, 2020

After the dust had settled on the latest TSG Plenary meetings, we held three webinars - recorded on April 9 – to get the leadership’s thoughts on what each meeting achieved.

In our first webinar, Lionel Morand takes us through the responsibilities of the Core network and terminals (CT) group, focusing on the priority given to getting Release 16 features done by June (TSG#88).

He describes TSG CT as the 3GPP factory for transforming service functional requirements into network enablers, via the group’s protocol specifications. 

During the webinar, Lionel Morand discusses user plane and control plane evolution, emphasising the new work done on the control plane; with the service based architecture replacing node management with services that can be discovered by any function at the control level. This allows very flexible deployments and the introduction of new functionality via a virtualized and cloud friendly network.

The webinar concluded with a look at the role of CT in completing Release 16, with over 50 CT level work items to finish by the end of TSG CT#88-e meeting, starting on June 29. 

rel16 ctWebinar content includes:

  • Brief Introduction to 3GPP
  • The areas covered by CT protocol specifications
  • Release 15: Not limited to SBA!
  • Release 16 Stage 3 work - Focus shifts to include the verticals

See the webinar here: 

Get a copy of Lionel's slides


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