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Video interviews - post TSG#81

October 4, 2018

A new video interview, featuring Balazs Bertenyi and Georg Mayer, talks about progress on 5G and how Release 15 and Release 16 are not the end of the 5G standardization work, but should be seen as the starting line for the race to full 5G.

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“This is the future that we are looking at, that we more-and-more have to inter-act with the outside world to get their requirements.” Georg Mayer, Chairman, 3GPP Technical Specification Group CT

In our second video - filmed on site at the Telstra Vantage conference on September 19, 2018 - David Hutton of the GSMA and Alex Bladenis (Telstra lead delegate to 3GPP RAN) also looked at the growing 5G eco-system.

“Standardization is the first part. We now – as the operator community – need to actually get this implemented and deployed within networks – to scale it. With any new technology that comes there are issues to be resolved, so we will be looking at sorting that out. Achieving scale, sorting out any roaming issues …and really engaging with those vertical markets to build a wider eco-system than just a telecommunications framework.” David Hutton, GSMA Head of Networks
“We have tight relationships with a lot of the industrial areas. Because Telstra is involved in 3GPP, we can then take their specific requirements to 3GPP, making sure the standards support those verticals and then take them through to commercialization.” Alex Bladenis, Telstra lead delegate to 3GPP RAN


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