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New Chair for Core Network and Terminals
The 3GPP Core Network and Terminals group (TSG CT), responsible for specifying terminal interfaces (logical and physical), terminal capabilities (such as execution environments) and the Core network part of 3GPP systems... has appointed its new Chairman*, following the end of Hannu Hietalahti’s 3rd term of office.

Atle Monrad was the only candidate for the chairmanship of this Plenary level body, and his appointment was by acclamation during the 51st plenary meeting of TSG CT. Mr Monrad has a vast experience, working for Ericsson with mobile telephony systems since February 1988 and having served as working group Chairman in 3GPP CT1 since 2005.

There was an election needed for the Vice-Chairmanships of TSG CT and three candidates were appointed after two rounds of voting.

CT election results:


Name Company / Partner
Mr Atle MONRAD Telefon AB LM Ericsson / ETSI

Vice Chairmanship

Name Company / Partner
Mr Ki Young KIM LG Electronics Inc. / TTA
Mr Rouzbeh FARHOUMAND HuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd / CCSA

You can see all of the recent 3GPP election results at http://www.3gpp.org/-Elections-

*All Election results are subject to 3GPP Project Coordination Group approval at their next meeting (PCG#26).

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