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3GPP Methods
The first 3GPP methods seminar has been held at ETSI headquarters with twenty participants drawn from the 3GPP community, including prospective and current chairmen of the Technical Specification Groups and their Working Groups.

John Meredith, the 3GPP Specifications Manager led the Seminar with extra value being added by the participation of the 3GPP SA Chairman – Stephen Hayes, Ericsson Inc. - who made the trip from the U.S.A. to share his experience as a 3GPP Chairman and as a participating expert in standards meetings.

John and Stephen’s presentations are freely available from the 3GPP web site...(Click here)

The course included sessions on:
  • Intro, basics
  • Meetings
  • Rules
  • Following the work
  • Preparing meetings
  • Organizing and -chairing meetings
  • Work Plan
  • Work items
  • WID improvement
  • Spec numbering
  • Drafting specs
  • Change Requests
  • Chairman’s Role
  • Elections
  • Voting
  • Electronic meetings
  • Funding
  • Legal

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