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3GPP Specifications associated with Work Item

3GPP Work Item = 560026 (WLAN_NS) "WLAN Network Selection for 3GPP Terminals" [Rel-12]

This page lists the 3GPP Technical Specifications and Reports which are or might in future be associated with or affected by the above work item. Click on the spec to open its web page.

Spec Title WG
23.167 IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) emergency sessions S2
23.003 Numbering, addressing and identification C4
24.302 Access to the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) via non-3GPP access networks; Stage 3 C1
24.234 3GPP system to Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) interworking; WLAN User Equipment (WLAN UE) to network protocols; Stage 3 C1
23.865 Study on Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) network selection for 3GPP terminals; Stage 2 S2
29.273 Evolved Packet System (EPS); 3GPP EPS AAA interfaces C4
24.312 Access Network Discovery and Selection Function (ANDSF) Management Object (MO) C1
23.402 Architecture enhancements for non-3GPP accesses S2
23.203 Policy and charging control architecture S2
33.402 3GPP System Architecture Evolution (SAE); Security aspects of non-3GPP accesses S3
33.863 Study on battery efficient security for very low throughput Machine Type Communication (MTC) devices S3
24.139 3GPP system - fixed broadband access network interworking; Stage 3 C1

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