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3GPP Work Items associated with Specification

3GPP Spec = 23.303 : Proximity-based services (ProSe); Stage 2

This page lists the 3GPP Work Items which are or might in future be associated with or have an effect upon the above Technical Specification or Technical Report. Click on the WI unique ID number to go to its entry on the Gantt chart page.

Unique ID Code Title Release
- - - -
870099 Rel-19
900030 5G_ProSe Proximity based Services in 5GS Rel-17
750003 eV2X Enhancement of 3GPP support for V2X scenarios Rel-15
750062 LTE_eV2X Enhancements on LTE-based V2X Services Rel-15
750162 LTE_eV2X-Core Core part: V2X phase 2 based on LTE Rel-15
750010 ProSe_WLAN_DD Inclusion of WLAN direct discovery technologies as an alternative for ProSe direct discovery Rel-15
750011 ProSe_WLAN_DD_Stage2 Stage 2 of ProSe_WLAN_DD Rel-15
720011 V2XARC Architecture enhancements for LTE support of V2X services Rel-14
680004 - Stage 1 of Evolution to and Interworking with eCall in IMS Rel-14
640040 eProSe Enhancements to Proximity-based Services Rel-13
640041 eProSe-Ext-SA2 Stage 2 for Enhancements to Proximity-based Services - Extensions Rel-13
580059 ProSe Proximity-based Services Rel-12
580359 ProSe-SA2 Stage 2 for Proximity-based Services Rel-12
20068 LTE Rel-8 LTE – 3G Long Term Evolution - Evolved Packet System RAN part Rel-8
31012 WLAN WLAN-UMTS Interworking Rel-6 Rel-6

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