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5G Vertical User Workshop

Jan 25,2023

On November 24, 2022 several 3GPP partner organizations took part in the online event: "Requirements & Gaps of Vertical Industries for the future 3GPP releases".

Watch the event video here... or see the slides presented by clicking on the links below:

During the roundtable discussion (At 49'00 on the video) our TSG SA Chair - Georg Mayer and TSG CT Chair - Lionel Morand added some 3GPP perspective.

Driving consensus

George Mayer spoke of the importance of having the vertical organizations helping to drive industry consensus – by companies coming to 3GPP with a common view. He emphasized that once you have a standard, there is still work to do, with the implementation of the specifications by the industry being another area where industry sectors could continue their coordinated approach.

Mayer also highlighted two aspects where the role of the verticals in standards can be enhanced. He observed that verticals are strong in 3GPP on requirements, but later stage work is needed on architecture and the protocols to make sure the work is completed to the satisfaction of the verticals. Secondly, he  identified that more coordination and consensus is needed from the verticals, beyond their own ‘silos’.

Lionel Morand, CT Chair, noted that there has been success in creating features to meet the verticals' requirements. He mentioned V2X, Time Sensitive Networks and Cloud MEC – All developed for users outside the traditional telco community.

He said that the verticals role in 3GPP is evolving to cover the architecture and protocols – not just a ‘front office’ where requirements are delivered.  Having MRPs in discussion together - as in this event - is helping diverse industries to speak with one voice inside 3GPP.


Thanks to Francesco Osimanti, Project Manager at TRust-IT Services and Chair of the 5G Vertical User Workshop Committee for providing the link to 


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