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RAN WG1#106bis-e Elections / 11 to 19 October 2021


<<NEW 2021-08-31>> RAN1#106bis-e voting list

Elections for the position of 1 Vice Chair of TSG RAN WG1 will be held during RAN WG1#106bis-e, from 11 to 19 October 2021 via the new 3GPP voting application tool The elections page in the 3GPP website is updated in parallel for the time being.

Please find below the list of candidatures received:

Vice Chair

Name  Company / Partner 
Dr. Hiroki Harada
Dr. Mazzarese Huawei Technologies France / ETSI
Dr. Wei ZENG Apple Europe Limited / ETSI

Click here for election results.

NOTE: The inclusion of the name of the Organizational Partner to which the Individual Member belongs does not necessarily imply that the OP endorses the candidature.