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The 3GPP Support Team called Mobile Competence Centre provides support to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

Support Team

The support team is an integrated unit of people comprising ETSI Secretariat Officers, Assistants and Contracted Experts.  

TSG CT team  TSG RAN team  TSG SA team 
Kimmo Kymalainen CT & CT4 & CT6 Joern Krause RAN & RAN ahg ITU-R Maurice Pope SA & SA2
Andrijana Brekalo CT1 Patrick Merias RAN1 Alain Sultan SA1
Dongwook Kim CT3 Juha Korhonen RAN2 Mirko Cano Soveri SA3
(Carmine Rizzo* SA3-LI)
Young Ik Jo RAN3 Jayeeta Saha SA4
  Carolyn Taylor RAN4 Mirko Cano Soveri SA5
  Ingbert Sigovich RAN5 Bernt Mattsson* SA6
  Achraf Khsiba multi WG  


Adrian Scrase*
Issam Toufik
MCC Director
Frédéric Firmin
3GPP Specifications Manager
Olivier Genoud*
TTCN Task Force Leader
Alain Sultan
Work Plan Coordinator 
Elisabetta Comin
Assistant to Adrian Scrase, finance, exploder lists 

Kevin Flynn*
Marketing and Communication
  Susanna Kooistra
Liaisons & 3GPP Membership Coordinator
Emmanuelle Wurffel
Assistant and EF3 Coordinator

* Indicates that person formally belongs to a part of the ETSI Secretariat other than the Mobile Competence Centre, but works at least partially in 3GPP support.

 MCC support includes

  • Support at 3GPP meetings (including subgroup meetings):

- preparing document lists, meeting reports,
- implementing agreed actions and presenting results to parent body as appropriate

  • Managing major work items and updating/maintaining a work plan for the work item, indicating:

- implicated specifications
- necessary change requests
- necessary new specifications
- relevant standardization groups
- meeting schedules and milestones

  • Editing specifications under change control;
  • Supporting relevant chairpersons by undertaking administrative functions and carrying out delegated tasks;
  • Processing liaison statements to relevant groups;
  • Implementing change requests approved by the parent body in the specifications under change control;
  • Providing the resulting new working versions of specifications under change control to the standardization group experts.

The activities of the Support Team are included within the ETSI Quality System and as such were designed to the requirements of ISO 9002.

The effective working environment makes the best use of the diverse skills of the team’s members. The team is truly international with members originating from more than a dozen countries across the continents.

The Support Team combines voluntary and funded resources, all of which are located at the ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, southern France. Some experts have been provided by the 3GPP Partners; the remaining team members are paid for from the 3GPP support budget.
In order to assist and supplement the work of the regular team, special "Task Forces" are from time to time established. These are based on the existing very successful format of "Specialist Task Forces" created and used extensively by ETSI. The concept enables additional experts to be engaged on a contract basis to perform very specific tasks within well-defined timescales.

"Calls for Experts" are made from time to time in order to fill vacancies in new or existing Tasks - details of vacancies are posted on the 3GPP web site.

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