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3GPP TDocs (written contributions) at meeting

Meeting: SP-05 - 1999-10-11 to 1999-10-13, KYONGJU

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
SP‑99344 Draft agenda for Meeting #5 Chairman SP-99469
SP‑99345 Draft Report of TSG SA Meeting #4, version 1.0.0 TSG SA Secretary -
SP‑99346 Liaison statement response on IST for non-CAMEL subscribers CN WG2 -
SP‑99347 3GPP handling of the OHG Proposal T1P1 -
SP‑99348 RE: Liaison Statement Concerning Requirements for all-IP Option for Release 2000 T1P1 -
SP‑99349 Liaison statement concerning requirements for all-IP option for release 2000 SA WG1 -
SP‑99350 LS on Use of Prioritising Channel Selection for Cell Selection Procedure RAN WG2 -
SP‑99351 Liaison statement concerning the work plan for all-IP option for release 2000 SA WG2 -
SP‑99352 Liaison statement to SA WG4 on Support of Speech Service in RAN RAN WG1 -
SP‑99353 TS 26.094 v. 2.0.0 SA WG4 -
SP‑99354 Common WI description for the Wideband Codec SA WG4 -
SP‑99355 TS 26.073 v 1.0.0 ANSI-C code for the AMR speech codec (with a cover page on Copyright issue) SA WG4 -
SP‑99356 Updated version of TS 26.101 (v. 1.4.0) SA WG4 -
SP‑99357 CR 001 to TR 26.911 v. 3.0.1 SA WG4 -
SP‑99358 CR 002 rev 1 to TR 26.911 v. 3.0.1 SA WG4 -
SP‑99359 CR 001 to TS 26.111 v. 3.0.1 SA WG4 -
SP‑99360 LS to SA and N1 (CC) on required network functionality for usage of SIM in 3G mobiles CN WG2 -
SP‑99361 LS to RAN WG2 and RAN WG1 on Physical Layer Measurements Requirements RAN WG4 -
SP‑99362 Liaison statement to TSG-S4 on radio simulator capabilities RAN WG4 -
SP‑99363 SA WG4 Status Report SA WG4 Chairman -
SP‑99364 Report of Support Team activities MCC (Adrian Scrase) -
SP‑99365 3G TS 21.101: Release 1999 Specifications I Doig, MCC -
SP‑99366 GSM 01.01: GSM Release 1999 Specifications I Doig, MCC -
SP‑99367 Review of 3GPP TS26.112 “Call Set-up Requirements for Circuit Switched Multimedia Telephony Service”, version 1.1.0 CN WG1 & WG3 -
SP‑99368 LS regarding the scope of CAMEL Phase 3 CN WG2 -
SP‑99369 Maintenance of earlier releases of 2G GSM versions of specifications I Doig, MCC -
SP‑99370 Response to Liaison statement on PLMN selection for GPRS MS ETSI SMG2 -
SP‑99371 Draft of GSM/EDGE RAN Radio Requirements ETSI SMG2 -
SP‑99372 LS concerning the GSM/EDGE RAN ETSI SMG2 -
SP‑99373 GSM Radio work coordination for Release 2000 and beyond AT&T, BT, CSELT/TIM, Ericsson, Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel, Rogers Cantel, Telenor -
SP‑99374 3GPP Programme Management for R99 and R2000 BT -
SP‑99375 Withdrawn - -
SP‑99376 Liaison statement on selected location service methods for Release '99 RAN WG2 -
SP‑99377 LS on the simultaneous connection of the UTRAN to two CN’s. RAN WG2 -
SP‑99378 2nd 3GPP PCG Meeting Draft summary minutes PCG Secretary -
SP‑99379 New ASN.1 Syntax Checking Service from PTCC ETSI OCG / PEX -
SP‑99380 Status report of SA WG5 SA WG5 Chairman -
SP‑99381 CRs to GSM 12.15 vsn 7.2.1 (Release 1998) SA WG5 -
SP‑99382 3G TS 32.104 V1.0.0 SA WG5 -
SP‑99383 3G TS 32.106 V1.0.0 SA WG5 -
SP‑99384 3G TS 32.111 V1.0.0 SA WG5 -
SP‑99385 GSM LCS Charging T1P1.5 -
SP‑99386 Status report of SA WG2 SA WG2 Chairman and Secretary -
SP‑99387 TS 23.107 v.2.0.0, QoS Concept and Architecture SA WG2 -
SP‑99388 TR 23.922 v.1.0.0, Architecture for an all-IP network SA WG2 -
SP‑99389 TR 23.923 v.1.0.0, Combined GSM and MobileIP Mobility Handling in UMTS IP CN SA WG2 -
SP‑99390 TR 30.801 v.1.0.0, Overall Project Plan SA WG2 -
SP‑99391 TR 30.802 v.1.0.0, Project plan on Bearer Services and QoS SA WG2 -
SP‑99392 TR 30.804 v.1.0.0,Project plan on GSM/UMTS Interoperation and Mobility Management SA WG2 -
SP‑99393 TR 30.806 v.1.0.0,Project plan on Location based services SA WG2 -
SP‑99394 TR 30.808 v.1.0.0,Project plan on Packet Architecture and Circuit Architecture SA WG2 -
SP‑99395 TR 30.810 v.1.0.0,Project plan on Security SA WG2 -
SP‑99396 TR 30.812 v.1.0.0,Project plan on Services and Service Platforms SA WG2 -
SP‑99397 CRs on 23.002 v.3.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99398 CRs on 23.060 v.3.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99399 CRs on 23.110 v.3.1.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99400 CRs on 23.121 v.3.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99401 CRs on 23.920 v.3.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99403 Liaison statement to 3GPP concerning Global Certification or Type Approval UMTS Forum -
SP‑99404 VCS principles GSM Association -
SP‑99405 Powerpoint presentation of VCS Programme Overview GSM Association -
SP‑99406 LS - Impact of inter-PLMN handover principles GSM Association -
SP‑99407 Liaison to TSG-SA, TSG-CN, TSG-RAN on Terminology and vocabulary in 3GPP TSG T -
SP‑99408 TS 23.171 v.1.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99409 TS 23.127 v.1.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99410 33.103 v1.1.3 SA WG3 SP-99424
SP‑99411 Some requirements for an "all IP" option for UMTS France Télécom, Vodafone -
SP‑99412 Purposes and documentation of Release 2000 France Télécom, Vodafone -
SP‑99413 Liaison statement on freezing GSM Release 97 & Release 98 TSG CN -
SP‑99414 Liaison to TSG SA on the ITU-R TG 8/1 revision of Recommendation M.1079 TSG RAN -
SP‑99415 User Control requirements for SIM toolkit stage 1 France Télécom -
SP‑99416 Co-ordination between 3GPP TSG SA and ETSI SPAN3, related to OSA Alcatel -
SP‑99417 CRs to 33.102 for approval SA WG3 -
SP‑99418 CRs to 33.105 for approval SA WG3 -
SP‑99419 Liasion Statement on how to handle approval of MS Conformance Test specifications coupled to a certain 3GPP release TSG T -
SP‑99420 Liaison Statement on resource situation and the general strategy and status of the elaboration of test cases TSG T -
SP‑99421 Regarding position paper on "Supplement to Recommendation Q.1701" from ITU-T WP3/11 TSG T -
SP‑99422 Regarding position paper #2 on "Supplement to Recommendation Q.1701" from ITU-T WP3/11 TSG T -
SP‑99423 3G TR 33.902 V 0.1.0 - "Formal Analysis of the 3G Authentication Protocol with Modified Sequence number Management" SA WG3 -
SP‑99424 3G TS 33.103 V2.0.0 "3G Security; Integration Guidelines" SA WG3 -
SP‑99425 Draft LS to TIA TR-45 AHAG on 3GPP authentication mechanism as a candidate for ESA Vodafone -
SP‑99426 Status of S3 deliverables SA WG3 -
SP‑99427 Cross border coordination and inter-network SH T-Mobil -
SP‑99428 CR to 21.900 for approval MCC -
SP‑99429 Report of SA WG1 SA WG1 -
SP‑99430 Powerpoint presentation of Report of SA WG1 SA WG1 -
SP‑99431 3G TS 22.140 version 1.0.0 SA WG1 -
SP‑99432 3G TS 22.094 version 2.1.0 SA WG1 -
SP‑99433 3G TS 22.135 version 2.0.0 SA WG1 -
SP‑99434 3G TS 22.038 version 2.0.0 SA WG1 -
SP‑99435 Emergency Calls SA WG1 -
SP‑99436 Collection of CRs to 22.129 on handover SA WG1 -
SP‑99437 Changes to LCS for MO position SA WG1 SP-99486
SP‑99438 Collection of CRs to 22.071 SA WG1 -
SP‑99439 Collection of CRs for Support of SAT by USIM SA WG1 -
SP‑99440 Reserved for SA WG1 SA WG1 -
SP‑99441 Collection of CRs related to GPRS Barring and Notification of Server IP address SA WG1 -
SP‑99442 Collection of CRs on VHE SA WG1 -
SP‑99443 Withdrawn SA WG1 -
SP‑99444 CR A021 to 02.60 version 6.2.0 SA WG1 SP-99479
SP‑99445 CR to 02.43 on Maximum number of LSAs allowed for a subscriber SA WG1 -
SP‑99446 Bearer Services SA WG1 -
SP‑99447 Two CRs to 22.030 SA WG1 -
SP‑99448 Channel coding asymmetry for ECSD SA WG1 -
SP‑99449 Multicall SA WG1 -
SP‑99450 Multicall SA WG1 -
SP‑99451 CRs to MSP Phase 2 SA WG1 -
SP‑99452 Alignments and corrections and Organisation SA WG1 -
SP‑99453 CRs to 22.105 SA WG1 -
SP‑99454 CRs to 22.115 on charging SA WG1 -
SP‑99455 CR to 22.975 on Numbering principles SA WG1 -
SP‑99456 All IP option for Release 2000 SA WG1 -
SP‑99457 Terminology and vocabulary in 3GPP TSG T -
SP‑99458 Liaison statement to TSG-SA on the distribution of a proposal for prioritisation of the elaboration of conformance test cases for 3G terminals TSG T -
SP‑99459 Comments on the R00 All IP TR, v 0.1.4 Telia AB -
SP‑99460 Report from TSG RAN to TSG SA TSG RAN Chairman -
SP‑99461 Report from TSG CN to TSG SA TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99462 Powerpoint presentation of Report from TSG CN to TSG SA TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99463 List of Specifications under the responsibility of TSG CN TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99464 TSG CN Work Item Status List TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99465 Liaison Statement from TSG CN to TSG SA on ownership of GPRS TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99466 Liaison Statement from TSG CN to TSG SA on reporting of S1, S2, S3 to CN Plenary TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99467 Draft ToR for ITU-T ad-hoc group TSG CN Chairman -
SP‑99468 Definition and completion of Release 1999 TSG Chairmen -
SP‑99469 (revised) Draft agenda for Meeting #5 Chairman -
SP‑99470 MS and Network Resident Execution Environments SA WG1 SP-99494
SP‑99471 Handling of GSM only specifications TSG CN -
SP‑99472 Report from the UMTS Forum UMTS Forum -
SP‑99473 Definitions used for the Mobile Station/Terminal TSG T -
SP‑99474 Comments on the R00 All IP TR, v 0.1.4 Telia AB -
SP‑99475 TSG T#5 Chairman's Report (Powerpoint Presentation) TSG T -
SP‑99476 TSG T#5 Chairman's Report (Word Presentation) TSG T -
SP‑99477 TSG SA3#5 Meeting Report TSG SA3 -
SP‑99478 TSG SA3#5 BIS Meeting Report TSG SA3 -
SP‑99479 CR A021 to 02.60 version 6.2.0 SA WG1 -
SP‑99480 SA#3 Meeting Report SA WG3 Chairman -
SP‑99481 Clarification of emergency call requirements NTT DoCoMo -
SP‑99482 Call for Global Unification of IP Network Standardization for the Wireless Industry Vodafone AirTouch -
SP‑99483 Revised CR to 22.129 (007 Rev 1) on Handover TSG SA -
SP‑99484 LS to TSG-SA "Liaisons between SA5 and the TMF" SA5 -
SP‑99485 CRs on 23.060 v.3.0.0 SA WG2 -
SP‑99486 Changes to LCS for MO position excluding velocity references SA WG1 -
SP‑99487 Model for Technical project co-ordination and management TSG Chairmen -
SP‑99488 Global Roadmap for UMTS and GSM MCC -
SP‑99489 TSG SA#5 Draft October 99 Specification status list MCC, Ian Doig -
SP‑99490 3GPP Radio Interface Specifications (Section 5.x.3) TSG-SA Vice Chair -
SP‑99491 Proposed answer to "Supplement to Recommendation Q.1701" ITU T WP 3/11 -
SP‑99492 Refined Draft ToR for TSG_CN ITU-T ADHOC working group TSG_CN Chairman & contributors -
SP‑99493 Proposal for UE definition and handling of the GSM references TSG-SA Ad Hoc Meeting on Terminology -
SP‑99494 MS and Network Resident Execution Environments SA WG1 -
SP‑99495 CR 011 to TS 33.102 SA WG3 -
SP‑99496 CR 019 to TS 33.102 SA WG3 -
SP‑99497 CR029 to TS 23.060 SA WG2 -

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