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Meeting: S5-25 - 2002-01-14 to 2002-01-18, Sophia Antipolis

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
S5_25_Sch - - -
S5_25_Tem - - -
S5‑010798 - - -
S5‑010799 - - -
S5‑010800 - - -
S5‑020000 O O -
S5‑020001 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020002 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020003 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020004 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020005 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020006 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020007 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020008 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020009 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020010 Liaison Statement on Availability of IMSI and IMEI S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020011 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020012 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020013 Liaison Statement on Impacts of Subscriber and Equipment Trace S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020014 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020015 Liaison Statement on UE Positioning Enhancements for 1.28 Mcps TDD S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020016 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020017 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020018 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020019 Reserved Draft V2.0.0 Report SA5#25, Sophia Antipolis, 14 - 18 Jan 2002 SA5 -
S5‑020020 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020021 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020022 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020023 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020024 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020025 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020026 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020027 Liaison Statement on User Equipment Management Feasibility Study (SA5's TR 32.802) S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020028 Comments on UP-010141 and relationship of GUP to Subscription Management S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020029 SWG-A doc 9 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020030 SWG-A doc 10 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020031 SWG-A doc 11 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020032 SWG-A doc 12 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020033 SWG-A doc 13 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020034 SWG-A doc 14 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020035 SWG-A doc 15 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020036 SWG-A doc 16 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020037 SWG-A doc 17 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020038 SWG-A doc 18 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020039 SWG-A doc 19 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020040 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020041 Alignment of terminology with 23.140 (MMS) - imported from 3GU
S5‑020042 LS reply on "Handling of e-parameters provided by the SCP" in the scope of the PS domain S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑0200422 SWG_B Chair Report SWG_B Chair -
S5‑0200423 SWG-A Report SWG-A Chair -
S5‑0200424 SWG_B Report SWG_B Chair -
S5‑0200425 SWG-A doc 2 SWG-A Chair -
S5‑020043 Corrections for consistency with 23.140 (MMS) - imported from 3GU
S5‑020044 LS reply on: "Draft stage 1 TS for Packet Switched Streaming Service" S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020045 LS reply on: "Draft Push Service Stage 1" S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020046 Incorporation of IMS Charging Architecture from SA2's TR 23.815 - imported from 3GU
S5‑020047 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020048 LS requesting that the IMS Charging ID (ICID) is provided to access network S5 imported from 3GU
S5‑020049 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020050 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020051 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020052 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020053 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020054 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020055 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020056 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020057 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020058 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020059 SWG-B Chair SWG-B Chair -
S5‑020060 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020061 Removal of redundant GDMO/ASN.1 Code - imported from 3GU
S5‑020062 Correction of erroneous CORBA module names and mapping tables - imported from 3GU
S5‑020063 Corrections to Basic CM IRP CORBA Solution Set IDLs - imported from 3GU
S5‑020064 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020065 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020066 Correction of invalid ASN.1 definitions - imported from 3GU
S5‑020067 Addition of managedElementType value for GSM Radio Access Network support - imported from 3GU
S5‑020068 Addition of missing generic CORBA exception "ValueNotSupported" into CORBA module "ManagedGenericIRPSystem" - imported from 3GU
S5‑020069 Correction of erroneous and addition of missing mapping tables - imported from 3GU
S5‑020070 Making ‘elementType’ consistent - imported from 3GU
S5‑020071 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020072 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020073 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020074 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020075 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020076 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020077 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020078 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020079 SWG-C Chair SWG-C Chair -
S5‑020080 MCC MCC -
S5‑020081 MCC MCC -
S5‑020082 MCC MCC -
S5‑020083 MCC MCC -
S5‑020084 MCC MCC -
S5‑020085 MCC MCC -
S5‑020086 MCC MCC -
S5‑020087 MCC MCC -
S5‑020088 MCC MCC -
S5‑020089 MCC MCC -
S5‑020090 MCC MCC -
S5‑020091 MCC MCC -
S5‑020092 MCC MCC -
S5‑020093 MCC MCC -
S5‑020094 MCC MCC -
S5‑020095 MCC MCC -
S5‑020096 MCC MCC -
S5‑020097 MCC MCC -
S5‑020098 - - imported from 3GU
S5‑020099 MCC MCC -
S5‑020260 SWG-C Report SWG-C Chair -
S5b020001 aaaaaaaaaaa TB Officer -

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