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3GPP TDocs (written contributions) at meeting

Meeting: N5-31 - 2005-05-09 to 2005-05-13, Osaka

meeting id: N5-31 (click id for more info on this meeting)

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TDoc Title Source Remarks
N5‑050200 Invitation to CN#28 Piscataway meeting Host/Telcordia -
N5‑050201 Draft Agenda JWG Chair -
N5‑050202 Document Allocation JWG Chair -
N5‑050203 report_Monday JWG Chair -
N5‑050204 report_Tuesday JWG Chair -
N5‑050205 report_Wednesday JWG Chair -
N5‑050206 report_Thursday JWG Chair -
N5‑050207 report_Friday JWG Chair -
N5‑050208 Draft Report of this CN5 meeting JWG Chair -
N5‑050209 CN5 Report to the last CN plenary MCC -
N5‑050210 Report of last 3GPP CN meeting MCC -
N5‑050211 Report of last 3GPP SA meeting MCC -
N5‑050212 LS from CN to SA2 (cc: CN5, SA) on update of OSA stage 2, containing draft CR to SA2's TS 23.127 NP-040439 (CN#25) -
N5‑050213 Service Broker – discussion document CN5 Vice Chair, John-Luc BAKKER -
N5‑050214 CR-29.199-014 Rel-6 Update IETF Document References The Parlay Group -
N5‑050215 N5-040708 DRAFT Report_CN5_29_Barcelona MCC -
N5‑050216 N5-050008 Draft_Report_CN5_30_Austin MCC -

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