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TS 12.00 Objectives and Structure of GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) Management  
TS 12.01 Network Management (NM); Part 2: Common aspects of SM/DCS 1800 Network Management  
TR 12.01U Framework for satellite integration with the UMTS SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.02 Subscriber, Mobile Equipment (ME) and Services Data Administration  
TR 12.02U Technical characteristics, capabilities and limitations of mobile sate llite systems applicable to the UMTS SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.03 Security Management  
TS 12.04 Performance data measurements  
TS 12.05 Subscriber Related Call and Event Data  
TS 12.06 Network Configuration Management and Administration  
TS 12.07 Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) Quality of Service (QoS) SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.08 Subscriber and Equipment trace  
TS 12.10 Maintenance Provisions for Operational Integrity of MSs  
TS 12.11 Fault management of the Base Station System (BSS)  
TS 12.12 Maintenance of Circuits betweenMobile System Entities SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.13 Maintenance of the Mobile-services Switching Centre SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.14 Maintenance of Location Registers SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.15 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); GPRS Charging  
TS 12.17 Subscriber Identity Modules SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 12.20 Base Station System (BSS) Management Information  
TS 12.21 Network Management (NM) procedures and messages on the A-bis interface  
TS 12.22 Interworking of GSM Network Management (NM) Procedures and Messages at the Base Station Controller (BSC)  
TR 12.30 ETSI Object Identifier Tree; Mobile Domain O&M  
TS 12.71 Location Services (LCS); Location services management