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In accordance with clause 4.9 of 3GPP TR 21.900 (Technical Specification working methods), the table below documents proposals to withdraw 3GPP Technical Specifications and Technical Reports, or functionality specified / described therein, and the eventual outcome of such proposals. Consult the reports of the corresponding TSG meetings for a full description of the treatment of the withdrawal proposals.

Date of proposal

TS/TR (or functionality) to be withdrawn


TSG meeting at which decision will be taken


2020-08-31 TR 24.980 from Rel-17 onwards Justification can be found in C1-205561 TSG CT#89-e  Withdrawal approved.
2020-06-04 Removal of functionality relating to H.263 from 
TS 26.114
TS 26.140
TS 26.234
TS 26.244
TS 26.346

Removal of H.263 codec functionality from all Rel-16 specifications under 3GPP SA4 responsibility. Justification can be found in SA4-200852. The Work Item proposing and justifying the withdrawal of this functionality can be found in SP-200400.

Draft CRs to update/remove references from other specs can be found in:
S4-200853, S4-200854, S4-200855, S4-200856 & S4-200857.

TSG SA#88-e.  Withdrawal approved.
2019-03-18 TS 24.323 from Releases 11, 12 and 13

TSG CT meeting #83 approved in principle the withdrawal of TS 24.323 from Releases 11, 12 and 13. The rationale will be prepared in a special work item currently being drafted by Vodafone. The procedures of TR 21.900 clause 4.9B apply.
The withdrawal WID can be found in CP-191151 to CT#84.

TSG CT#84 Withdrawal approved.


TS 44.118, TS 44.160
from Rel-12 onwards

Specs relate to Iu mode in GERAN, not supported after Rel-11. Note that there are very many references to these specs from other specs, so a very large number of CRs will need to be produced and approved before these specs can be withdrawn.


Withdrawal approved at RAN#88-e


TR 38.900

Frequency range of interest has been extended, and this TS is superseded by TR 38.901. A reference check has been undertaken, and necessary CRs will be raised as appropriate. The FS_NR_newRAT WID will be revised to indicate the withdrawal of 38.900.

Update 2017-04-26: Subsequent discussions indicate that withdrawal is not required, but that the TR will not be promoted to Rel-15. If any references to 38.900 are required from Rel-15 specs, these will have to be explicitly to the latest Rel-14 version.


 No withdrawal




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