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TSG SA WG5 is reponsible for Telecom Management of the 3GPP network. This includes aspects such as operation, orchestration, assurance, fulfillment, automation and charging. Both functional and service perspectives are covered.

TSG SA WG5 specifies requirements, stage 2 and stage 3 solutions. The solutions include architecture, service definitions and data definitions. Management services includes services towards vertical industries. Charging service is used for billing or other analytics as well as customer care.

TSG SA WG5 also specifies design principles, guidelines and methodology for management, orchestration and assurance.

Scope of Responsibilities

TSG SA WG5 is responsible for all specification work pertinent to Telecom Management.

Important areas where TSG SA WG5 is actively involved and developing specifications with full support of automation are:

  • Telecom management architecture framework.
  • Service Management, Network Management, Element Management (which includes management of Network Elements and Network Functions) and Charging Management.
  • Management aspects of energy efficiency.
  • Exposure of management services to entities external to the network operator, e.g. verticals.
  • Data collection for Telecom Management. Examples of data being collected: alarms, performance measurements, KPIs, QoE, trace, MDT data and charging data.
  • Services and functions which support orchestration, assurance and analytics. Examples are (but not limited to):
    • Life Cycle Management (LCM), Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management and Security Management (FCAPS).
    • Management of autonomous networks, Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Intent driven management, Closed and open loop assurance and Data analytics.
    • Network Resource Models (NRMs), operations and notifications.
    • 3GPP Management support for edge components deployed at MNO premises.
  • Services and functions for charging for end users or Service Providers, including capabilities for wholesale roaming. Examples of such services and functions are (but not limited to):
    • Quota management.
    • Service usage charging.
    • Charging Data Records (CDRs) generation and transfer.

TSG SA WG5 is committed to engage in charging and management aspects of supporting new services for public and non-public networks.

TSG SA WG5 coordinates with other 3GPP WGs and all relevant Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), industry fora and Market Representation Partners (MRPs) in the specification work pertinent to Telecom Management.

Terms of reference

The latest terms of reference (above) were approved at SA#88-e in document SP-200545.

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