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RAN6 - GERAN and UTRAN radio and protocol (closed)

WG RAN6 was closed, following RAN#88-e in June 2020. The GERAN work is transferred to TSG RAN. 

The GERAN documents are still stored on the server, at https://www.3gpp.org/ftp/tsg_geran


RAN Working groups and Ad Hoc groups 
TSG RAN Plenary  
TSG RAN WG1 Radio Layer 1 (Physical layer)
TSG RAN WG2 Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3 Radio Resource Control
TSG RAN WG3 UTRAN/E-UTRAN/NG-RAN architecture and related network interfaces
TSG RAN WG4 Radio Performance and Protocol Aspects
TSG RAN WG5 Mobile terminal conformance testing
TSG RAN WG6 Legacy RAN radio and protocol - CLOSED
TSG RAN AHG1 Ad-hoc group on ITU (internal) co-ordination



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