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RAN2 - Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3 RR

RAN WG2 is in charge of the Radio Interface architecture and protocols (MAC, RLC, PDCP), the specification of the Radio Resource Control protocol, the strategies of Radio Resource Management and the services provided by the physical layer to the upper layers.
Within the scope of TSG RAN, RAN WG2 is responsible for the development of specifications dealing with UTRA, Evolved UTRA, and beyond.

Terms of Reference

The latest terms of reference were approved at RAN#75 
in document RP-170522.

Within the scope of TSG-RAN, RAN WG2 is responsible for the development of specifications dealing with Evolved UTRA, and beyond.  RAN WG2 is responsible for:

  • Specification of the radio interface architecture and protocol termination
  • Specification of radio interface protocols between UE and RAN as well as between relay node and eNodeB
  • Specification of radio interface protocols common to RAN and GERAN
  • For EUTRAN, specification of the radio interface parameters to be exchanged between eNodeBs in case of inter eNodeB handover, and between eNodeB and RNC/BSC in case of inter-RAT handovers
  • Stage 2 Specifications of the services offered by the physical layer to upper layers
  • Specification of Cell selection and re-selection procedures
  • Specification of UE capabilities for UE - RAN interface (in collaboration with RAN WG1 for Layer 1 capabilities)
  • Definition of RRM strategies to be supported by RAN
  • Definition of protocol methodology in RAN specifications
  • Identification of the requirements for UE protocol tests to be defined by TSG RAN WG5, for new functions under RAN WG2 responsibility
  • For EUTRAN, specification of radio interface protocols between UE and positioning server
  • Specification of radio measurements reported to the OAM domain and the radio interface protocols used to collect them


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