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To access the full list of 3GPP Individual Members and Guests click here

Full Membership of 3GPP

For full membership of 3GPP, an organization must be a member of one of the 3GPP Organizational Partners. These member organizations are called "Individual Members".

Guest Membership

The 3GPP rules permit the Organizational Partners to grant the status of "Guest" to an entity which has the qualifications to become a future Individual Member.

Guest status is granted for a one-time, limited period (normally six months, two TSG cycles).

A Guest may have representatives at TSG and subtending group meetings. Representatives may receive documents but shall not take part in decision making, participate in discussions, contribute documents, or hold any leadership positions.

To apply for Guest membership, see "how to join" below, but first read Article 10 of the 3GPP Working Procedures, which outline the terms and conditions of Guest status.

Note that Guest status applies to organizations (companies, government departments, educational establishments, etc) and not to individual people.

How to join 3GPP

If you wish your organization to join 3GPP on a time-limited Guest basis, please complete the on-line 3GPP application form for Guest status. We aim to process such applications within two working days.

If you wish your organization to become a full "Individual Member" of 3GPP, you should approach the membership department of the Organizational Partner of your choosing:

Any questions you may have about membership can be addressed to 3gppMembership.


Different categories of partnership are also possible: Organizational Partners, Market Representation Partners or Observers.

Organizational Partners:

These are the standards bodies who have signed the partnership agreement. Application to become an Organizational Partner is open to any standards body. For more information; 3GPPmembership@etsi.org

Market Representation Partners:

These are organizations which can offer market advice and bring a consensus view of market requirements to the 3GPP. Application to become a Market Representation Partner is open to any organization. For more information 3GPPmembership@etsi.org


Observership in 3GPP is for potential Partners (i.e. Standards Bodies). This status may be granted by the Organizational Partners to an entity, which has the qualifications to become a future Partner. For more information; 3GPPmembership@etsi.org








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