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3GPP Satisfaction survey

 The 3GPP Survey (Edition 2012)

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2012 Survey results (PPT)

In late 2012 we conducted a survey of the satisfaction of delegates and users of the 3GPP web site and of the services offered to member delegates by 3GPP’s Mobile competence Centre.

There were 236 responses from delegates, representing a good spread amongst the Technical Specification Groups.

There were also responses from 173 non-delegates, who accessed a tailored version from the 3GPP home page: - Shortened to take out questions about working methods.

Overall score

  • Average of averages: 3.5 / 5
    — No question scored less than the median of possible scores, 2.5.

What is good?

  • Up to date web site content
  • Web site overall, including ease of navigation
  • MCC service

What is bad?

  • Finding information on the web site (not involving the search engines)
  • The advanced search engine
  • TDoc allocation methods / tools

What are recurrent comments ?

  • The search engine:
    — too difficult to restrict the search to find, for example, a single Tdoc
  • Too many clicks on the web site needed to reach the desired page.
  • TDoc number allocation method varies from group to group
    — Manual allocation suffers from bottlenecks at busy times
    — Automatic allocation (ADN application) not really fit for purpose
    — Need local server based application during meetings, to relieve secretary of this burden
  • Need improved method to identify (group of) Specs sought

2010 Survey results

The results of the 2010 satisfaction survey are still available for information. Actions resulting from that survey have now been completed, so we hope that the 2012 edition of the poll will show an improvement in areas highlighted for attention, as well as giving us some new pointers on where effort is needed right now.

Power-point presentation - 2010 survey results.


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