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TS 43.005 Technical performance objectives  
TS 43.010 GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) connection types  
TS 43.013 Discontinuous Reception (DRX) in the GSM system  
TS 43.019 Subscriber Identity Module Application Programming Interface (SIM API) for Java Card; Stage 2  
TS 43.020 Security related network functions  
TS 43.022 Functions related to Mobile Station (MS) in idle mode and group receive mode  
TR 43.026 Multiband operation of GSM / DCS 1800 by a single operator  
TR 43.030 Radio network planning aspects  
TS 43.031 Fraud Information Gathering System (FIGS); Service description; Stage 2 SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.033 3G security; Lawful Interception; Stage 2  
TS 43.035 Immediate Service Termination (IST); Stage 2 SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.045 Technical realization of facsimile group 3 transparent  
TS 43.046 Technical Realization of Facsimile Group 3 Service - non transparent SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.048 Security Mechanisms for SIM Toolkit Application; Stage 2 SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.050 Transmission planning aspects of the speech service in the GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) system  
TS 43.051 GSM/EDGE Overall description; Stage 2  
TS 43.052 GSM Cordless Telephony System (CTS), Phase 1; Lower Layers of the CTS Radio Interface, Stage 2  
TS 43.055 Dual Transfer Mode (DTM); Stage 2  
TR 43.058 Characterisation, test methods and quality assessment for handsfree Mobile Stations (MSs)  
TS 43.059 Functional stage 2 description of Location Services (LCS) in GERAN  
TS 43.063 Packet Data on Signalling channels service (PDS) Service description, Stage 2 SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.064 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS); Overall description of the GPRS radio interface; Stage 2  
TS 43.068 Voice Group Call Service (VGCS); Stage 2  
TS 43.069 Voice Broadcast Service (VBS); Stage 2  
TS 43.071 Location Services (LCS); Functional description; Stage 2 (GSM) SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TS 43.073 Support of Localised Service Area (SoLSA); Stage 2  
TS 43.129 Packet-switched handover for GERAN A/Gb mode; Stage 2  
TS 43.130 GSM/EDGE Iur-g interface; Stage 2  
TS 43.246 Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS) in the GERAN; Stage 2  
TS 43.318 Generic Access Network (GAN); Stage 2  
TS 43.319 Reserved for enhancement of 43.318 "Generic access to the A/Gb interface; Stage 2" to include Iu mode SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TR 43.801 Solutions for Voice services over Adaptive Multi-user channels on One Slot (VAMOS) enhancements  
TR 43.802 GERAN study on mobile data applications  
TR 43.868 GERAN improvements for Machine-Type Communications (MTC)  
TR 43.869 GERAN Study on power saving for MTC devices  
TR 43.900 Support for voice optimization for the IMS in the GERAN SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TR 43.901 Feasibility Study on generic access to A/Gb interface  
TR 43.902 Enhanced Generic Access Networks (EGAN) study  
TR 43.903 A-interface over IP study (AINTIP)  
TR 43.930 Iur-g interface; Stage 2 SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN
TR 43.935 Feasibility study of enhanced support for video telephony service over GERAN via the A interface SPECIFICATION WITHDRAWN