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3GPP Specification Change Request records for: 29.229

CR no. rev cat Release CR written to vers new vers CR title TSG meeting TSG doc TSG status source WG meeting WG doc WG status cover date work item remarks database record created
0001 - F Rel-5 5.0.0 5.1.0 to add a reference to the new IETF RFC on SCTP checksum NP-17 NP‑020449 approved N4 N4-15 N4‑020853 agreed 2002‑07‑11 IMS-CCR -
0003 - F Rel-5 5.0.0 5.1.0 Wrong format of Charging Function Addresses NP-17 NP‑020449 approved N4 N4-15 N4‑020896 agreed 2002‑07‑17 IMS-CCR -
0005 - F Rel-5 5.0.0 5.1.0 Mistake in the definition of the command MAA NP-17 NP‑020449 approved N4 N4-15 N4‑021027 agreed 2002‑07‑31 IMS-CCR -
0022 1 F Rel-5 5.4.0 5.5.0 Correction on the PPR command code NP-21 NP‑030383 approved N4 N4-20 N4‑030999 agreed 2003‑08‑14 IMS-CCR -

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