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icon S5-111072_RESUBMITTED S5-110066 S5-102892 LS_in on User CSG Information reporting 2011/02/01 20:19 11,2 KB
icon S5-111073_RESUBMITTED S5-110068 S5-103082 LS_in on H(e)NB related LI requirement 2011/02/01 20:19 28,3 KB
icon S5-111074_RESUBMITTED S5-110070 S5-103087 LS_in on RN E-CGI configuration by O& 2011/02/01 20:19 12,1 KB
icon S5-111075_RESUBMITTED S5-110077 LS_in from SA2 on S2-105772 S5-102938 Reply LS on clarification on GGSN charging 2011/02/01 20:19 7,6 KB
icon S5-111076_RESUBMITTED S5-110079 LS_in from SA#50 to SA5, Joint WG SA5-TMF, TM Forum on Cooperation of TMF and 2011/02/01 20:19 16,4 KB
icon S5-111077_RESUBMITTED S5-110368 LS_in from RAN2 on L2 measurements in DeNB having Relay 2011/02/01 20:19 11,5 KB
icon S5-111078_RESUBMITTED S5-110492 LS_in Reply from SA3 to CT6 on Hosting Party Module for H(e)NB_S3-110184 .zip 2011/02/01 20:25 8,8 KB

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