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CC: R2-2309159 get it On frequencyInfo for NR SL RSRP measurements 2023-09-04
TO: R4-2313211 get it LS on FR2 ACS/IBB testing 2023-09-04
TO: R4-2314001 get it Reply LS on clarifications for Non-Terrestrial Networks 2023-09-04
TO: R4-2314385 get it Reply LS on additional UE Gain parameters 2023-09-04
TO: R4-2314463 get it Reply LS on RRM test cases with testability issues 2023-09-04
TO: R4-2314745 get it Reply LS on CA/DC MSD requirements 2023-09-07
TO: R4-2314750 get it LS on frequency separation for power imbalance testing 2023-09-07
Number of incoming LS documents: 7

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