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CC: R4-2011903 get it LS on NR power class clarification 2020-09-02
CC: R4-2012708 get it LS on 5G NR Over The Air test methodologies and performance requirements 2020-09-02
TO: R4-2011710 get it LS on Rel-16 RAN4 Clarification for UE Antenna Connector Interpretation 2020-09-02
TO: R4-2011751 get it Reply LS on RF testing of 4Rx capable UE 2020-09-02
TO: R4-2012770 get it LS on Test Methodology for UE URLLC Ultra Low BLER Tests 2020-09-02
CC: TSG LS announcing the release of TS.48 V3 get it LS Announcing the publication of GSMA TS.48 Generic eUICC Test Profile for Device Testing version 3.0 2020-09-16
Number of incoming LS documents: 6

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