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TO: 5GmmW20404 OTA Radiated Performance Testing for 5G mmW User Equipment get it Over-the-Air Radiated Performance Testing for 5G mm-Wave (FR2) User Equipment 2020-04-14
TO: CAG-20-193r3_LS OUT to RAN4 RAN5 on ULMIMO Power Class[1] get it LS on requirement in Power Class 2 for UL MIMO Test cases 2020-04-28
TO: IoTOTA08_003 LS on publication of TS.51v1.0 get it LS on publication of TS.51 V1.0 2020-03-24
CC: OTA200307_R4 Reply LS Concerning Antenna Performance Assessments get it Reply LS from CTIA CCLLC OTA WG to the GCF SG Concerning Antenna Performance Assessments 2020-05-13
TO: PVG20088083_R3 get it LS on suitability of validation transfers across 5G FR1 and FR2 and vice versa 2020-05-11
TO: R4-2005205 get it LS to RAN5 on NR DL RMC configuration for UE ACS tests 2020-05-11
TO: S2-2003308 get it Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-04-29
TO: SP-200287 get it Reply LS on support for eCall over NR 2020-03-23
TO: TSG LS announcing the release of the GSMA Generic Test Profile v3.0 get it LS Announcing the publication of GSMA TS.48 Generic eUICC Test Profile for Device Testing version 2.0 2020-05-04
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