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TO: C1-225089 get it Reply LS on video call upgrade when preconditions are not used 2022-08-31
TO: R2-2208832 get it Reply LS on null security algorithm 2022-08-26
CC: R4-2214737 get it LS on work towards two new recommendations ""Generic unwanted emission characteristics of base stations/mobile stations using the terrestrial radio interfaces of IMT-2020"" 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2214797 get it Reply LS on TT work for NR FR1 TRP TRS 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2215091 get it Reply LS on ModifiedMPR-Behaviour clarification for different power classes 2022-08-29
TO: R4-2215136 get it WF on NR MIMO OTA 2022-08-29
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