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TO: 5GMRR Doc 49_06 get it Solution for multiple SEPPs per PLMN requested 2024-05-17
CC: S3-242453 get it Reply-LS on GSMA CVD-2023-0069 5G Core Network Attacks 2024-05-24
CC: S6-242504 get it Reply LS on clarifications on consent management 2024-05-24
TO: R3-243888 get it Response LS on Restoration of N3mb Failure for MBS Broadcast 2024-05-24
TO: R3-243968 get it Reply LS on Restoration procedures for a PDU Session with Dual Connectivity 2024-05-24
CC: C1-243517 get it Reply LS on Rel-18 RedCap enhancements to address remaining ENs in TS 23.502 2024-06-03
CC: C1-243693 get it LS on local BDC setup on terminating side in case INVITE does not contain DC description 2024-06-03
CC: C1-243934 get it Reply LS on LS reply on LCS user plane connection binding to the UE 2024-06-03
CC: S2-2407141 get it Reply LS on GPSI and Application Layer ID Mapping 2024-06-03
TO: S2-2407158 get it Reply LS on Restoration of N3mb Failure for MBS broadcast 2024-06-03
TO: S2-2407318 get it Reply LS on application layer ID 2024-06-03
CC: C1-243688 get it LS on support of provisioning ATSSS rules to the UE in EPC 2024-06-04
TO: R2-2405988 get it LS on the maximum number of devices supported in SLPP 2024-06-19
Number of incoming LS documents: 13

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