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TO: 5GIS11_01 LS GSMA 5GIS to 3GPP CT4 IEData-Type v3 get it N32-f Protection Policy IE Data-Type Mapping 2020-07-24
TO: 5GIS11_02 LS GSMA 5GIS to 3GPP CT4 N32f_ErrorTypes v3 get it N32-f Error Responses - Mapping 2020-07-24
CC: C1-203895 get it LS on secure that a UE does not wait indefinitely for completion of NSSAA procedure 2020-06-15
TO: C3-203305 get it LS on new AVPs in TS 29.214 2020-06-17
CC: C3-203609 get it Reply LS on PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-06-17
TO: CP-201312 get it Reply LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-07-02
TO: CP-201316 get it Reply LS on port allocation 2020-07-02
CC: CP-201361 get it LS on human-readable network name (HRNN) 2020-07-02
TO: R3-202932 get it LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-05-12
CC: R3-204147 get it LS reply on RACS multiple radio capability formats 2020-06-17
TO: S2-2004443 get it LS Response on which features cannot interwork with ETSUN 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004445 get it Reply LS on Stage 3 for V2X QoS 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004451 get it Reply LS on Service on I-NEF Event Exposure 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004452 get it Reply LS on NAS Non delivery for RRC Inactive state 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004467 get it Reply LS on “LS on Network Configuration Parameters in Monitoring Events” 2020-06-08
TO: S2-2004474 get it Reply LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-06-08
TO: S5-203166 get it LS to CT4 on MDT specific configuration parameters in NR 2020-06-09
Number of incoming LS documents: 17

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