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TO: C1-202663 get it Reply LS on Non-UE N2 Message Services Operations 2020-04-27
TO: C1-202668 get it Reply LS on 5G Steering of Roaming 2020-04-27
TO: C1-202933 get it PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-04-27
CC: C3-202347 get it LS on subscription to V2X services 2020-04-27
CC: C3-202350 get it LS on Clarification of Support of Frame Routing Feature 2020-04-27
TO: LIAISE-365-3GPPDBNG-01 get it Use of PFCP for Disaggregated BNG 2020-05-13
TO: R3-202553 get it LS on port allocation 2020-05-05
TO: R3-202932 get it LS on S1/NG DAPS handover 2020-05-12
TO: S2-2003295 get it LS on DL packet re-ordering during SR procedure 2020-04-29
TO: S2-2003422 get it LS on V2X Subscription Data 2020-04-29
TO: S2-2003491 get it Reply LS on SMS and UDM 2020-04-29
TO: S2-2003504 get it Reply LS on MO exception data 2020-04-29
TO: S2-2003506 get it Response LS on the Usage of Version ID 2020-04-29
TO: S2-2003507 get it LS on different coding formats 2020-04-29
TO: S3-200821 get it Reply LS on AUSF role in slice specific authentication 2020-04-27
TO: S3-201464 get it LS Reply to LS on Misalignment on HTTP connections for N32-c and on N32-f contexts termination 2020-05-25
TO: S3-201471 get it Reply LS on ARPF in UDICOM 2020-05-25
TO: S5-202308 get it LS to CT4 on SNSSAI support in N4 Session Establishment 2020-05-06
TO: TSGRMS_007 get it TSG Announcing TS.37 v7.0 an TS.42 v5.0 2020-05-04
Number of incoming LS documents: 19

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