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CC: C1-205332 get it LS on the stage 2 aspects of MINT 2020-09-01
TO: C1-205509 get it LS on Media Feature Tag for IMS Data Channel 2020-09-01
CC: C4-204338 get it LS on Event Configuration Synchronization between 4G&5G 2020-09-02
CC: S2-2005921 get it LS Response on Bulk operation of LCS-service 2020-09-02
CC: S5-204593 get it LS on New function for Network Slice PA and Management Charging 2020-09-02
TO: S2-2005883 get it LS Reply on clarification on TSN for Vertical_LAN 2020-09-02
TO: S3-202177 get it Reply LS on Key Management procedure in SEAL 2020-09-07
TO: S3-202190 get it Reply LS on Reply PAP/CHAP and other point-to-point protocols usage in 5GS 2020-09-07
CC: CP-202255 get it LS on information of stage 3 aspects for AKMA 2020-09-21
CC: SP-200880 get it Reply LS on the stage 2 aspects of MINT 2020-09-21
Number of incoming LS documents: 10

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