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CC: C1-242646 get it LS on the UE IP address preservation indicator 2024-04-24
CC: C1-242674 get it LS on ECS Configuration Information 2024-04-24
CC: C1-242934 get it LS on Indicating the support of slice based N3IWF/TNGF selection from the UE to the network 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241526 get it LS on Registering JWT claims at IANA 2024-04-24
CC: C4-241558 get it LS on 5G Trace to support UE level measurement 2024-04-24
TO: MEC(23)000524r3_Reply_LS_to_3GPP_CT3_on_CAPIF_extensibility get it Response LS to 3GPP CT3 on CAPIF extensibility 2023-12-19
TO: MEC(24)000156r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 deliverables 2024-04-17
CC: MEC(24)000158r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 specifications related to MEC federation 2024-04-17
TO: OPG_173_Doc_04 get it on Statement Title: 2024-04-24
TO: S2-2405495 get it Reply LS on CT3 Reply LS on XRM and TSC QoS requirements 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405673 get it Reply LS on clarification related to the RAT type only change impact to AM/UE Policy association. 2024-04-25
TO: S2-2405817 get it Response LS on handling UEs accessing to GERAN/UTRAN over Gn/Gp 2024-04-25
CC: S2-2405824 get it LS on limited MSISDN exposure 2024-04-25
TO: S4-240845 get it LS on IVAS in MTSI, including RTP and SDP parameters 2024-04-15
CC: S5-241920 get it Reply LS on LS on Creation of private branches on the GitLab ""5G_APIs"" repository 2024-04-30
TO: S6-241626 get it Reply LS on CAPIF extensibility 2024-04-25
TO: S6-241627 get it Reply LS on Clarification related to the predictive slice modification in Inter-PLMN based slice service continuity 2024-04-25
TO: S6-241643 get it LS reply on Application traffic influence trigger from EAS 2024-04-25
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