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CC: C1-239188 get it Reply LS on questions related to SEALDD APIs 2023-11-21
TO: C1-239320 get it LS on URSP handling for UE configured with EHPLMN list 2023-11-21
CC: C4-235683 get it Reply LS on the need of the NR NTN TAI 2023-11-21
TO: S2-2313517 get it Reply LS on Clarifications related to Network Slice Replacement feature 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313557 get it Reply LS on PDN connection selection for URSP provisioning in EPS 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313671 get it LS reply on Issues on QoS Monitoring parameters for XR service 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313760 get it Reply LS on UPSI handling at the UE 2023-11-20
CC: S2-2313778 get it Reply LS on URSP signalling improvement for recurrent events 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313862 get it Reply LS on clarification for list of UEs parameter handling 2023-11-21
TO: S4-232055 get it LS on Support of interworking between SA4 RTC and IMS 2023-11-21
CC: S5-237035 get it LS to CT4 on the need of the NR NTN TAI information 2023-10-25
CC: S6-233770 get it LS on clarifications regarding RNAA 2023-11-21
Number of incoming LS documents: 12

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