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CC: C3-235618 get it Reply LS on clarifications on V2X, UAS and SEAL entities acting as EAS 2023-11-20
CC: C3-235717 get it LS on Clarification related to the information exposed by the 5GC to NSCE server. 2023-11-20
CC: C4-235479 get it Reply LS on Decorated NAI format for 5G-NSWO for SNPN Scenarios 2023-11-21
CC: C4-235683 get it Reply LS on the need of the NR NTN TAI 2023-11-21
TO: S1-233296 get it Reply LS on the service requirement of restricting satellite access RAT type 2023-11-28
CC: S2-2313557 get it Reply LS on PDN connection selection for URSP provisioning in EPS 2023-11-20
CC: S2-2313760 get it Reply LS on UPSI handling at the UE 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313778 get it Reply LS on URSP signalling improvement for recurrent events 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313799 get it Reply LS on Ethernet MAC address conflict in 5G ProSe Communication via 5G ProSe Layer-3 UE-to-UE Relay 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313809 get it Reply LS on Trigger for secure user plane establishment via user plane 2023-11-20
TO: S2-2313889 get it LS to RAN2/CT WGs on RAN&CT alignment issues 2023-11-21
TO: S3-234991 get it LS reply for Reply LS on Mitigation of Downgrade attacks 2023-11-13
TO: S3-235075 get it Reply LS on key and security materials used for Ranging_SL 2023-11-13
TO: S3-235098 get it Reply LS on Retrieving keys for decryption of protected IEs for U2N relay 2023-11-13
CC: S6-233821 get it LS on evaluating security aspects for MC services over MC gateway UE 2023-11-21
TO: UPG08_126 get it LS on Network Initiated IMS Data Channel. 2023-12-06
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