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CC: C3-241578 get it LS on Clarification related to the RAT type only change impact to AM/UE Policy association. 2024-03-06
TO: C4-240636 get it LS on Creation of private branches on the GitLab ""5G_APIs"" repository 2024-03-12
CC: C4-240837 get it LS on on Subscription of Data Channel 2024-03-12
TO: MEC(24)000156r2 get it ETSI ISG MEC publication of MEC Phase 3 deliverables 2024-04-17
CC: R2-2401916 get it LS on U2U relay selection 2024-03-13
TO: R2-2401918 get it Reply LS to SA2 on L2ID and user info 2024-03-13
CC: R3-241204 get it Reply LS on the service requirement of restricting satellite access RAT type 2024-03-04
CC: S2-2403670 get it LS on traffic steering and/or switching of user data across two 3GPP access networks 2024-03-04
CC: S2-2403679 get it Reply LS on network initiated IMS Data Channel 2024-03-04
TO: S2-2403682 get it Reply LS on UE selection for Ranging_SL 2024-03-04
CC: S2-2403703 get it LS Reply on Clarification related to the information exposed by the 5GC to NSCE server. 2024-03-04
TO: S2-2403709 get it Reply LS on Handling of regulatory prioritized services in Non-allowed areas 2024-03-04
TO: S2-2403851 get it Reply LS on UE Location Information for NB-IoT NTN 2024-03-04
CC: S3-240828 get it Reply LS on evaluating security aspects for MC services over MC gateway UE 2024-03-06
CC: S3-240835 get it LS on UUAA Status Information availability for SMF 2024-03-06
CC: S3-240892 get it Reply LS on CVD-2023-0079 Lack of GPRS IOV randomisation 2024-03-06
TO: S3-240894 get it LS on GSMA CVD-2023-0075 Certificate validation on IMS access interface 2024-03-06
TO: S3-240940 get it LS on Registering JWT Claims at IANA 2024-03-06
TO: S3-240947 get it Reply LS on service authorization for/to partner MC system 2024-03-01
TO: S4-240845 get it LS on IVAS in MTSI, including RTP and SDP parameters 2024-04-15
TO: S6-240404 get it Reply LS on service authorization for/to partner MC system 2024-03-07
CC: S6-240581 get it Reply LS on clarifications on V2X, UAS and SEAL entities acting as EAS 2024-03-07
TO: SP-240497 get it LS on removing Ranging/SL Positioning service exposure to Client UE through 5GC 2024-04-05
TO: UPG08_126 get it LS on Network Initiated IMS Data Channel. 2023-12-06
Number of incoming LS documents: 24

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