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3GPP looks to close cooperation with ISG NFV

At the recent SA Plenary (SA#63, Fukuoka, March 2014), a liaison statement was issued, towards the ETSI Industry Specification Group on Network Functions Virtualisation (ISG NFG). This formal communication is the 3GPP mechanism for informing them that the 3GPP Telecom Management working group (SA5) will produce a Study Item on the management of virtualised 3GPP network functions.

SA5 will start work in their next meeting in March 2014. If the study is agreed there, it will be presented for approval at 3GPP TSG-SA#64 in June 2014 and the work (on agreed features) would proceed  following that meeting.

3GPP is also considering how the work in ISG NFV might impact 3GPP at the architecture and system level. The SA#64 meeting concluded that a separate 3GPP study item could be considered to address this, referencing those use cases in ETSI ISG NFV that include 3GPP network entities. The liaison statement to ISG NFV commented that potential work on 3GPP functional elements resulting from this study would be addressed from June 2014 onwards.

This mechanism of using liaison statements is common in 3GPP, allowing 3GPP technical groups to liaise directly with other bodies, either within 3GPP or with external partners.

See the Liason statement: SP-140160

More details on 3GPP Work Items and features for NFV will be added as soon as possible - after the Study Items, mentioned above, are completed.

See the ETSI NFV ISG end-to-end NFV specifications at http://www.etsi.org/technologies-clusters/technologies/nfv?tab=2

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