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Features and Study Items

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The 3GPP Work Item description page draws on the database of Work Items on the 3GPP server.

It is a Quick-view, giving brief descriptions of new Features being incorporated into the various 3GPP Releases, with links to the active work programme.

The Work Item description page is a good place to go to see - for example - What is in Release 8 for; Support of UTRA HNB.

The official Work Item Description (held in a dedicated directory) is maintained by the responsible TSG, and its development schedule and progress can be monitored via the 3GPP Work Plan. Consult the Work Plan to determine the most up to date Work Item Description document, since the WID may be revised from time to time.

Click here to see the current work programme, top-level tasks (features) only.

Click here to see the current work programme, all tasks.

Click here to see a simple list of Work Items.

Click here to see a list of Features per Release, with summary descriptions and status.

See Also; the Work Items page; for details of the Codes used and the Unique Identifier for each work Item.

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