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Historical Specifications information

Historical Specifications information

For ETSI TC SMG meeting documents (including Change Requests), click here. You will need an ETSI On-Line account for access.

For 3GPP meeting documents (including Change Requests) choose the appropriate TSG;

All available versions of specifications can be found in the specs archive.

To see which version of a spec was current at a particular meeting, consult the specs status database.

A useful source of information is the GSM-SMG Archive DVD-ROM. This archive contains the old SMG plenary Tdocs (and meeting reports). The GSM/SMG plenary reports go back as far as 1983 and the tdocs from 1985 up to the closure of SMG in June 2000. The old documents (i.e. up to 1996) are all scanned PDF files, so the searching capabilities are somewhat limited.

Nevertheless, it IS possible to do a text search in the document lists.
Further details are available from the ETSI web site at:

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