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CT1 delegates survival guide

CT1 delegate survival guide

or ... all you wanted to know about participating in CT1 meetings but were afraid to ask

Connecting to the local meeting server

MCC installs a wireless LAN for the duration of the meeting. Connecting to this network provides the delegates with Internet and access to a local server used for exchanging files during the meeting.

Wireless LAN

  • SSID: 3GPP
  • key: 3GPP3GPPM

You can find more information on connecting to the WLAN here.

Local Web server

URL: .
The web page gives access to the group’s folders on the FTP server.

Local FTP server

URL:, anonymous access.
You can go directly to the file server, there is no need to pass via the web page.

The group’s directory contains several folders:

  • Docs: contains the meeting contributions (tdocs) received before the meeting starts. Read only.
  • Inbox: see "Uploading a contribution during the meeting". Read/write.
  • Inbox/Drafts: working folder where the delegates can submit draft versions of their contributions for review by the other delegates. Read/write.
  • Updates: see "Uploading a contribution during the meeting". Read only.
  • Templates: contains the 3GPP official templates for contributions such as change requests, outgoing liaison statements and so on.

Uploading a contribution during the meeting

Before uploading a contribution, you need a tdoc number, which is allocated by the Secretary or the Chairman / Vice-Chairman.

For change requests (CRs), a CR number is allocated upon the initial request. For revisions of CRs, a new CR number is not needed. The revision number on the CR cover sheet is incremented.

Ensure that the cover sheet of your contribution is correct: tdoc and CR numbers, source to WG, and so on.

Zip your tdoc and put it in the Inbox folder on the local meeting server. From time to time, the MCC project manager will move all the documents from the Inbox to an "UpdateX" folder (where X is a number: 1, 2, 3 and so on. These "UpdateX" folders are located in the "Updates" folder). The documents present in an "UpdateX" folder will be marked as available on the agenda by the Chairman / Vice-Chairman.

Contributions in the Drafts folder will not be treated. Copy the final version of your document to the Inbox when it is ready.

Note that a new, unique tdoc number is required for every new contribution. Once a document is available in a "UpdateX" folder, it cannot be modified. If you need to bring some further additional corrections, a revision is required, and thus a new tdoc number.
Note that you don’t have permission to delete files on the server. Should you need to do so, ask the MCC support officer.


The group has 4 officials: one Chairman (elected), two Vice-Chairmen (elected), one Secretary, who is the MCC Project Manager (appointed).

The names and coordinates of the officials are listed on this web page.

The responsibilities of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen are detailed in the working procedures, where you will also find information on the election process.

Breakout sessions

During the several days of the meeting, the Group usually splits in two or more sessions. Refer to the Chairman’s agenda for the planning and work item distribution. Note that some additional ad hoc breakout sessions may be announced during the meeting.

Some topics such as the incoming liaison statements or the work plan are treated in a common session with all delegates.

Participant list

Don’t forget to sign against your name on the participant lists, which will be distributed at the meeting opening and kept by the Secreatry during the rest of the meeting. Also check that your coordinates and the 3GPP Individual Member you are representing are correct. This is important in particular for acquiring and maintaining voting rights (more information in the Working Procedures).

Useful links

Welcome to CT1 !

You can find further, generic, information on being a 3GPP delegate here.

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