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OSA - Open Service Access

Group closed 2008-06; work transferred to Open Mobile Alliance

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CT5 develops Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the Open Service Access (OSA). The UMTS network provides these interfaces to facilitate service implementations. CT5 is responsible for the following specifications:

  • Stage 2 for the UMTS OSA Architecture (TS 23.198);
  • Stage 3 for the interfaces specific to the UMTS OSA (TS 29.198-series);
  • Definition of the interface classes, methods and detailed behaviour of those classes (TS 29.198-series);
  • IDL, WSDL, Java specifications of the UMTS OSA-specific interfaces (TS 29.198-series);
  • Functional mapping of OSA interfaces to UMTS network protocols (TR 29.998-series);
  • OSA interfaces at high level of abstractions (also known as Parlay X Web services 29.199-series).

The work of CT5 is based on the Service Requirements set by SA1 and on the 3GPP Architecture defined by SA2.

Dependencies with other groups;

  • Inside 3GPP: direct relationship with SA1/SA2;
  • Joint meetings with ETSI TISPAN, the Parlay Consortium and 3GPP2 with the aim to work on a common technical basis for the standards, in the areas where the scopes overlap;
  • External organizations with which CT5 does not liaise directly, but which carry out similar kind of work: ITU-T (liaison via ETSI TISPAN).
  • Providing alignment with other Web Services specifications, CT5 utilizes specifications and profiles published by W3C, WS Interoperability Organization (WS-I) and OASIS.
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