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Carolyn Taylor

I am a seasoned technology professional in wireless communications.

I have standardization experience in 3GPP RAN1, RAN2, RAN3, RAN4 and RAN 5 from a ETSI Mobile Competence Centre (MCC) perspective to a delegate and contributor on many 3GPP RAN features from Rel-99 to 5G. I first joined the ETSI Mobile Competence Centre (MCC) in 1999.

During my undergraduate studies, I was part of an internship programme in Motorola, obtained a NASA scholarship and was trained as an Army Reserve Officer. I obtained Senior Member of IEEE, acquired my PhD and received a Chinese Language Certificate along the way.

I joined MCC again in 2021, where I will be working as a Technical Officer for the 3GPP partnership project.

Contact Carolyn:

Tel: +33 (0)4 92 94 42 13 email: carolyn.taylor@etsi.org
Mobile: +33 (0)6 73 47 77 69


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