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RAN work progressing beyond eMBB

April 24, 2020

In our recent webinar on 5G radio standards, TSG RAN Chair - Balazs Bertenyi shared his thoughts about the status of Release 16 and Release 17 specifications.

Since the beginning of the year e-meetings have replaced 3GPP face-to-face group meetings. Despite the physical limitations of that way of working, he observed that the commitment of the experts is as strong as ever and that the technical work is proceeding well.

Feedback from TSG CT#87-e

April 21, 2020

After the dust had settled on the latest TSG Plenary meetings, we held three webinars - recorded on April 9 – to get the leadership’s thoughts on what each meeting achieved.

In our first webinar, Lionel Morand takes us through the responsibilities of the Core network and terminals (CT) group, focusing on the priority given to getting Release 16 features done by June (TSG#88).

He describes TSG CT as the 3GPP factory for transforming service functional requirements into network enablers, via the group’s protocol specifications. 

During the webinar, Lionel Morand discusses user plane and control plane evolution, emphasising the new work done on the control plane; with the service based architecture replacing node management with services that can be discovered by any function at the control level. This allows very flexible deployments and the introduction of new functionality via a virtualized and cloud friendly network.

The webinar concluded with a look at the role of CT in completing Release 16, with over 50 CT level work items to finish by the end of TSG CT#88-e meeting, starting on June 29. 

Changing 3GPP to help the verticals

February 25, 2020

Our latest video, recorded at TSG#86 in Sitges, December 2019, brings together:

  • Joachim Walewski, Siemens
  • Roland Beutler, EBU
  • Nicolas Chuberre, Thales Alenia Space
  • Georg Mayer, 3GPP SA Chair.

They discuss the reasons why their sector is in 3GPP and how they feel it is going. There are some frank views on the difficulties encountered and the frustrations that still persist, but there are also some clues on how new verticals don't have to start from scratch and how the project is making attempts to learn from the experience of adapting to the needs of the verticals.

Farewell to a friend

February 20, 2020 (updated Feb. 25)

Ian Doig passed away on Wednesday 19th February, after a short illness.

He will be missed. When he retired at the end of 2019, everyone who visits the ETSI offices might still have expected to occasionally hear his laugh on the forecourt and to be able to pass the time of day with him. Now, we won’t have that.

Ian’s dedication to the work was legendary. From the days as the ETSI link man to Project Team 12 experts and the ETSI Technical Officer supporting TC SMG, to his career as a 3GPP and ETSI delegate on behalf of Motorola and then Blackberry – Ian was on top of things, always leading from the back row of the meeting room, his favoured seat.

3GPP work taken on-line

May 18, 2020

The 3GPP TSG and Working Group chairs have today notified the community that all 2020 meetings will now be planned as electronic meetings, by default. This decision will allow all groups to plan their e-meetings around the plenary weeks:

  • TSGs#89 CT/RAN/SA; week of Monday 14 September 2020.
  • TSGs#90 CT/RAN/SA; week of Monday 7 December 2020.

In their emails to the groups, the TSG chairs expressed optimism for the re-commencement of face-to-face meetings, but advised that if the circumstances improve to the extent that physical meetings can be resumed, meeting announcements and invitations must be sent out no later than 8 weeks ahead of the meeting start date.

All groups can now plan for the second half of the year, assuming that meetings will be held remotely, but with a process in place that would allow the leadership to bring the work back to physical meetings – with that 8 week period of notice - when the situation allows.

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