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3GPP Methods

The first 3GPP methods seminar has been held at ETSI headquarters with twenty participants drawn from the 3GPP community, including prospective and current chairmen of the Technical Specification Groups and their Working Groups.

John Meredith, the 3GPP Specifications Manager led the Seminar with extra value being added by the participation of the 3GPP SA Chairman – Stephen Hayes, Ericsson Inc. - who made the trip from the U.S.A. to share his experience as a 3GPP Chairman and as a participating expert in standards meetings.

John and Stephen’s presentations are freely available from the 3GPP web site...(Click here)

GERAN elects its new leadership

Andrew Howell, Research In Motion, has been elected as the new Chairman of the 3GPP Technical Specification Group for the GSM EDGE Radio Access Network.

He replaces Jacques Achard, Alcatel Lucent, who steps down after two sucessful years in the role. Mr Howell paid tribute to Jacques Achard:

“It is not going to be easy following Jacques. He has done an excellent job over the last two years and I know his patient style of chairmanship has been appreciated by all. He will be missed. I am pleased to know that, even though he is unable to continue as the chair, he will still be involved with the work of GERAN.”

In memory of Nigel Barnes, 1952 - 2009

It is with much sadness that we record the death of Nigel Barnes on Wednesday 11 March 2009. Nigel was well known to the ETSI and 3GPP communities, and he will be greatly missed by all those delegates, colleagues and friends who have worked with him over the years.

The news of Nigel's death reached the 3GPP community during the TSG SA meeting in Biarritz last week, and a minute’s silence was observed in his memory.

Stephen Hayes re-elected as SA Chairman

After his outstanding performance as Chairman of the 3GPP Technical Specification Group SA (Service & Systems Aspects), Stephen Hayes has been elected, by acclamation this week, for a third term.

TSG SA is responsible for architecture and coordination issues for 3GPP systems and networks. As such, the group is instrumental in achieving cooperation within the 3GPP structure and plays a key role liaising with standards bodies worldwide.

CT Chairman re-elected - Hannu Hietalahti

The 3GPP Core Networks and Terminals (CT) Technical Specification Group have re-elected Mr Hannu Hietalahti, Nokia Corporation, for a third term.

TSG CT is responsible for specifying terminal interfaces, terminal capabilities and the Core network part of 3GPP systems.

As Chairman Mr. Hietalahti has the reputation of delivering results even under the most challenging circumstances, without sacrificing impartiality and fairness.

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