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India to stimulate home ICT industry via LTE-Advanced

Attendance at the LTE India Conference, 27 May 2011, in New Delhi and some important meetings with Indian engineers & industry leaders looks set to encourage future participation in 3GPP.

In a separate development C-DOT – the state owned Indian Centre for Development of Telematics – has re-stated its intention to encourage Indian invention in the 4G domain.

SA Election completes 3GPP line-up

3GPP has a new Technical Specification Group Service and System Aspects (TSG-SA) Chairman, with the election of Balazs Bertenyi, of Nokia Siemens Networks, to the top position of this key group in the Partnership.

This result brings an end to a week long process of elections at the 51st Plenary of 3GPP, in Kansas City, a series of meetings that will also achieve the completion of the feature set for 3GPP Release 10, as it is functionally frozen.

Mr. Bertenyi is vastly experienced as a rapporteur, head of delegation and most recently as Chairman of SA2 Working Group - for the past four years. He succeeds Stephen Hayes of Ericsson Inc. as SA Chairman, as he steps down at the end of his 3rd term of office. Mr. Hayes has led the group with distinction since 2005, a highly productive time for 3GPP, navigating the Plenary of 3GPP successfully through a period of great growth in participation and output.

New Chair for Core Network and Terminals

The 3GPP Core Network and Terminals group (TSG CT), responsible for specifying terminal interfaces (logical and physical), terminal capabilities (such as execution environments) and the Core network part of 3GPP systems... has appointed its new Chairman*, following the end of Hannu Hietalahti’s 3rd term of office.

Atle Monrad was the only candidate for the chairmanship of this Plenary level body, and his appointment was by acclamation during the 51st plenary meeting of TSG CT. Mr Monrad has a vast experience, working for Ericsson with mobile telephony systems since February 1988 and having served as working group Chairman in 3GPP CT1 since 2005.

There was an election needed for the Vice-Chairmanships of TSG CT and three candidates were appointed after two rounds of voting.

3GPP Elects Leadership for Next 2 Years

At the 51st plenary meetings of 3GPP, held in Kansas City, the Radio Access Network (RAN) group has been the first to complete its leadership election process.

As a mark of the success of his work over the past two years, Takehiro Nakamura, NTT DOCOMO was appointed*, by acclamation, for a second term as 3GPP TSG RAN Chairman.

In his first term, Mr. Nakamura has guided the group through to the completion of the radio parts of Release 8 and 9 of the standard, which - when combined with the complimentary Systems Architecture and Core network evolution - has allowed LTE Networks to become operational and stable in an impressively short time.

Status of UMTS-LTE 3500 MHz Work Item

Update - May 2011

3GPP RAN has made significant progress on the work on 3500MHz spectrum range for LTE and UMTS/UTRA. At the recent RAN Plenary meeting (RAN#51, March 2011) the major work item was 80% complete and is expected to be finalised by June 2011, after coordination with the European Radio Office 'IMT Matters' Project Team (ECC PT1) on alignment with their plan for band arrangements.

User equipment testing work items in 3GPP should be completed by September 2011.

Original Story, February 2011:

At the ETSI booth at the Mobile World Congress we were often asked about the status of the 3GPP specifications for UMTS and LTE around 3500MHz. Specification work is due for first publication in March 2011 (TSG#51), with a series of specifications updated or being created.

The UMTS-LTE 3500 MHz Technical Report (37.801) is already available as a study of current plans in the frequency bands 3.4-3.6 GHz and 3.6-3.8 GHz for UMTS and LTE systems.

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